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Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria 1

Have you seen the Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria ad with Margot Robbie?

As soon as I saw it I needed to have that perfume, the colour of the bottle was enough to basically have me wanting to go out and smell the perfume. But I knew it was going to smell good.

Whilst the ‘original’ Euphoria has a more oriental fragrance, Deep Euphoria targets women of all ages with its deeper and more seductive tones. With top notes of cascalone, pepper and mandarin leaves; heart notes of geranium, jasmine and black rose; and base notes of mineral wood, patchouli and musk – making this perfume is is empowering and sophisticated.

Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria 2

The bottle

If you’ve seen Euphoria (2005) the bottle shape may look familiar because it’s the same signature bottle. In fact the only difference is the colour scheme of the bottle; instead of the silver, the bottle is an amazing deep aubergine which emphasises the depth and warmth of the fragrance.

With Christmas fast approaching what better way to celebrate that with a pre-Christmas giveaway?! Want to win a bottle of Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria 50ml EDP?

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