Winter Wondermint Tea

London Tea Company Winter Wondermint Tea

I’ve never really been a fan of the taste of tea, but, in the last year, as my dairy intolerance has all but destroyed regular hot chocolates, I’ve found myself drinking more of the fruity ones.

The London Tea Company was the first brand that I spoke to at #BlogoshpereChristmas and they introduced me to their limited edition Winter Wondermint tea*.

As expected, the girls I spoke to at the stall we’re so friendly, and, after tasting the tea we started talking about it’s so fresh it’s like drinking one of those mint strips that you used to put on your tongue. Does anyone else remember those?! 

Winter Wondermint Tea - Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

The blend and the benefits
As the name suggests it’s perfect for winter, with its frosty blend of peppermint leaves and oils.

Peppermint tea has quite a few health benefits too (Georgina here are some more facts for you!) including improving digestion, which will definitely help after stuffing my face at Christmas, and helping boost your immune system. I tend to get ill (a lot!) and when I stay that way for months – according to my blood tests I have a weak(ish) immune system but this tea has definitely helped to clear my sinuses when I’ve been feeling congested a couple of times already – so it’s working!

It also works great as an afternoon pick-me-up, and I seriously need one of those on a Sunday when I’m trying to write but Monday is almost within touching distance!

As someone who doesn’t have much love for herbal teas I think the London Tea Company may have converted me with this one.

What’s your favourite tea for winter?

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2 responses to “Winter Wondermint Tea”

  1. Wunms K says:

    Love tea! And I can tell just by the name that this is a good one loool.

    My current favourite autumn/winter tea is the salted caramel or caramelised apple green teas from the twinings range. You must try it!!

    Wunmi | wunms.co.uk

    • I do love a Twinings tea, they always smell so good! I've been drinking a lot of their apple crunch before I go to bed. Caramilised apple green tea sounds amazing – I'll keep an eye out for it sounds seriously autumnal xx

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