Black cropped puffa jacket

Bershka Puffy Jacket 1

Jacket – Bershka | Dungaree Dress – River Island  | Shoes – Timberland

Since I tore my faux fur lined parka a couple of years ago I have been intensely looking for something that would come close, and even, dare I say, match the warmth it used to provide me and I think I may have found one. Yes people, the days of the puffy, puffa, padded (or whatever you want to call it) are back and I’m loving it just as much as everybody else is.

Bershka Puffy Jacket 2

Okay, so it may be a cropped jacket but it keeps me crazy warm! I’ve had to take it off every time I’m getting on the train and I’ve even had to take it off when I’m walking down the road! Both of which has never happened in winter before.

Look at the neck line! Do you know how often I’ve zipped it up to the top and just walked around with my nose tucked in keeping warm? EVERY SINGLE DAY. After all it is currently floating around the six degree mark. Trust me, this jacket is working wonders.

Bershka Puffy Jacket 3

Although they remind me of primary school days these kind of jackets are just so comfy and so warm, not to mention light weight. My winter coats tend to make me feel hot when I’m walking but I don’t want is something that’s going to weigh me down.

This jacket is available is red and white as well but I opted for black as it goes with everything – can you actually go wrong with black? – and the only other black jacket I own is my black bomber jacket, which isn’t exactly great for the colder months

And for the woman who was staring at me while I was feeling hella awkward taking photos… I see youuuuuuu!

Bershka Puffy Jacket 4

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