Until I started working on Tottenham Court Road, I used to love the days that I would dedicate to going to Oxford and Regent Street. Now that I work up there Monday to Friday I hate it. Not only do I have to battle through commuters to and from work every but during lunch and after work there are usually so many shoppers and tourists wandering around.

Carnaby Street London Christmas 2016

It’s safe to say that I’ve become an online, or at the very least keep it local, shopper.

This year I made sure that I wasn’t one of those people running around in the last couple of days before Christmas looking for last minute presents, which works well because Christmas Day is quite small and intimate for us. The trouble starts when my mum invites the whole family down a couple of days after and I realise just how big my family really is. We all have most of the things that we need in life, but I always want to get people something to open on Christmas morning regardless of how small or weird it is.

I usually sit with multiple tabs open on my MacBook but while I had vowed to leave it off over Christmas, and although my iPhone is my life, I had put it to the side to avoid the temptation of social media so at this point the Vodafone Smart first 7* was literally my go-to.

Vodafone Smart first 7

I was recommended a few apps to help remove the stress from ‘the gift of giving’, and they were the first things I downloaded once I connected the wifi.

Amazon and Amazon Prime Now

Amazon is literally my go to for any and everything, including clothes, but whilst the Amazon Prime Now app offers a free 2-hour delivery service, in certain areas, for millions of items, you can still get free next day delivery with Prime via the original app and even professional gift wrapping for a small additional cost.

So it’s basically the best thing for all those last minute gifts whether they’re for Christmas, birthdays or anything in between.


With hundreds of vouchers and discount codes, this app does exactly what its name suggests. I’ll be the first to say I love a good deal, and anything I deem to be a bargain I will mostly like jump on asap. Bargain hunters – this one is for you.

Zeek and Gifster

These two apps I hadn’t heard of before, and I can’t imagine why, because they make everything that little bit more efficient.

Zeek is a voucher card marketplace where people sell their unwanted cards at slightly prices and there is a huge list of high street and online stores. Gift cards and vouchers are such a classic gift, and I for one LOVE them. I usually save them up to go on a massive shopping spree because it genuinely makes me feel happier buying things when I don’t feel like I’m spending money out of my account.

Gifster is a connected gift list register that puts everything everyone would like into one place. Organised right? People can add items from around any site to their personal wish lists, which takes the struggles of guess work out of buying gifts by and you can mark each one that you’ve bought.

These apps are all available to download for free from the Play Store and, of course no one says you can’t use them to buy yourself things. Bargain hunters you can thank me later.

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*c/o Vodafone

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