2017 Travel PlansI’m grabbing 2017 with both hands and running away with it. I’ve never really been in a place, financially to say: you know what I want to go on away next month, and arguably I’m still probably not. But I do want to travel and see more of the world that I live in before I can’t, so seeing as I’m in a much better place than I was last year, mentally and financially I want to go away more this year.

After my holiday last year, I’ve been lusting over holiday posts and travel brochures, desperate to escape again, and it’s come to the point where I now have a list of places that I really want to visit. Depending on where I go and when my parents might want to come but I have a little feeling that I’ll be doing some solo trips this year, which isn’t so bad because it would only be a few days as I’m not intending to go on a massive holiday because it seriously eats into my annual leave, so the plan is to go to a few places throughout the year and have a hell of a good time doing it.


Other than a visit to see my cousin in Birmingham, or some trips to Brighton and Devon, I’ve never actually spent time in other places outside of London. I remember having a conversation about how Londoners stay in London. But I think it’s time to fly the coop and actually see more of the place that I could jump on a train and explore so easily.

There will definitely be some trips to Brighton, Leeds, Portsmouth and Newcastle as the very minimum but there are so many places that I want to visit around the UK that I’ll just have to see where I end up.


Vague? Probably but I really have my heart set on Berlin and Munich if I’m being completely honest. I love German Christmas markets and it’s been years since I’ve been


Just because every photo I’ve seen is so beautiful how can I not want to visit such a romantic city. I have always longed to go to Venice, have a gondola ride along the canals and walk over the many bridges taking photos. I’m still yet to do it but


Do I even need an excuse? Simply because when in it…


I just can’t get enough of this city and yet I feel like I genuinely don’t get enough time to see, do and eat everything that I want to. I’ve been a few times and I’m still yet to go up the Eiffel Tower, go inside the Louvre, walk along the River Seine and go shopping.


The last time I went I spent a week with food poisoning but I still remember the beauty and I want to go back to do some more exploring. There are three things I miss: 1) sun, 2) the sea – the blue waters are just too pretty and 3) the Blue Lagoon, which is just breath-taking.


I’ve managed to give Vanessa on the travelling bug too so this year she’s going to decide where we go for our next big adventure. I know she’s got Budapest, Thailand, Iceland, Canada and the Philippines on her bucket list but there’s so many places she wants to go and these are just a few. I’m fully leaving her in control of this one because I lead the NYC trip.

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