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It’s becoming more apparent that a generation is relying more on the trends that the glossy mags and TV ads show to determine how they should dress and style themselves. As much as I love shopping in high street stores, let’s be honest, as soon as you walk through the door you can see the ‘trends’ and people flock towards them. Some people even buy the entire outfit off the mannequin – and then they sneer when they walk past someone with the same top as them.

But at what point did originality go out the window? I used to love shopping, and deep down I still do, but it takes a while for me to fully commit to a shopping trip. Maybe it’s the adult in me but all impulse buying has pretty much come to an end with me. I know what fashion is constantly changing, with seasons coming as fast as they go and style being repetitive, but it’s a sad reality we live in an age where even the way we dress isn’t really our own decision.

Somehow we’ve gone from wanting to stand out from the crowd to wanting to blend in with it. Is it the fear that ‘they’ll see me as different‘, or just the idea that this look has becomes socially acceptable now and anything else would be classed as weird?

I’m indecisive with my own style at the best of times and it’s very easy to get swept up in trends, but I don’t want to find myself dressing the exactly the same as everyone else, unless of course I seriously like the items of clothing.

I’ve never been the most girly of girls, I’m 23 and I’ll still choose jeans with a pair of Nike Air Max over a skirt and shoes 90% of the time. I always have, and I think growing up with my brother has had this influence on me. These are the things that have always formed the basis of my wardrobe, they’re my ‘basics’ yet these are the same things that others will flock to shops to buy to stay on trend. Now if I walk out my house in what I would call my comfiest of clothes,  I’ll easily walk past 20 other teens dressed in the clothes I’ve been living in all my life.  One thing is certain, when the trends change I can guarantee I’ll still be wearing these things long after the hype surrounding them has died.


Top – Bershka (Basics)

Jeans – Matalan

Trainers – Nike (Colour way – Infrared)


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Nike Air Max Infrared Basic Girl

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