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Seriously I don’t know where the time is going; we’re already in February, and no doubt this month is going to fly because it’s the shortest one! So much has happened already that I feel like I need to take a moment to stop and appreciate the recent little things that have happened to my blog to ultimately define it and make me want to keep pushing to develop it.

The name

Throwback to August 2016 – I changed my domain for the third and final time, this time going for something that I knew I would have to like – my actual name.

Initially it was the first thing I wanted to do but I always had that deep down fear that 1) no one would be able to pronounce it and 2) no one would be able to spell it, but clearly after two other attempts I wasn’t really going to be happy with anything else. So, with third time being a charm and all that jazz, I bit the bullet one last time and bought my new (current) domain which was effectively the catalyst for everything that followed.

Focusing on my niche

When I first started blogging, with the name ldngirl, I thought I had to keep everything London focused but realistically I was all over the place with content and after a while I fell into a steady stream of beauty-related posts. This year I’ve been taking my blog back to its lifestyle basics and also focusing more on style, and considering how cringe taking photos is I’m loving it.

Migration and blog re-vamp

A few years ago, when I initially was thinking about starting a blog again I went with blogger for simplicity even though I was already used to WordPress. It’s completely fine as a platform, you’ll literally hear no complaints from me about it. My decision to move to WordPress was a complete personal choice. I wanted to throw myself into my blog completely with all the customisation features and plug-ins my heart desired. So the start of 2017 felt like a good time to do the thing I had been thinking about for so long, and move from Blogger to WordPress with the massive help of pipdig.

Getting professional

With a new domain and a new focus I needed new business cards. Although my old domains redirect to this one, and my contact details are still the same I refused to walk with business cards with the wrong site address on them. Which means I haven’t had any for just over six months now. Vanessa is a graphic designer and currently working in Printland, and considering I’ve never truly loved the cards I’ve designed myself (surprise, surprise). So a graphic designer friend working in a printing company… you can see where I’m going with this… She’s designed me some amazing cards and printed them off with a matte lamination, which gives them a softer touch. I absolutely love them and the first day they came out they got so many compliments on the design!

Printland is literally what the name suggests and they offer anything from business cards and brochures to custom notebooks and pop-up banners; you can find all the information and get in touch with them on their website, and of course you can always email. Personally, I think their prices are decent! Vanessa is also available via her FB page Creative Ness for freelance custom designs!

And that is every blog-changing decision I have made in the last few months and I regret none of it!

New Blog New Business Cards 2

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