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Although I’ve been trying to make time for myself  recently I am also putting a lot more time and energy into this little creative thing I like to call my blog, and the end of February saw me having the chance to make my own perfume!

On Saturday 25th, and after a spot of breakfast, Vanessa and I headed to The Kensington Hilton for a perfume making masterclass*, and I won’t lie it was absolutely amazing. After being checked in, we were given a glass of prosecco each and a fragrance card to write which notes we preferred and the measure we wanted.

The Perfume Studio London

We opted to sit at the table with the brightest lighting, which was perfect for photos and we also ended up having a lot a giggles with a couple we sat with.

Our perfume stylists for the day, Helen and Miyako, were quick to explain the art of perfumery and what we needed to do for each base, middle (heart), and top note. And for each note went into detail about what kind of fragrances they were made of; other perfumes that use the particular note so we can decide whether we like them or not; and what kind of person uses that fragrance.

After going through smelling 21 fragrances and choosing our favourites it was finally time to name it. I went with simplistic and memorable ‘The Experience’ and Vanessa called hers ‘Bush’ (partly because we got off the train at Shepherd’s Bush and partly because of its deep woody tones).

The Perfume Studio creating own perfume

All perfumes created are registered to the library so you can always reorder the one you’ve created, which means you can always have a supply of your favourite scent – something that is bespoke and personal!

The Perfume Studio hand-blended fragrances

There are a range of experiences to choose from – Vanessa and I had the Gold Experience and paid to upgrade our 5ml fragrance to a Perfume Studio Atomiser so we can always have it in out bag and refill when we want to. If you want to book for an occasion they also have experiences for hen parties, home events and corporate-dos.


*c/o The Perfume Studio

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