Hawkers Bar and Brasserie Kingston

It’s rare that I get to go to a launch event that’s not in Central London, so when I had the chance to go to one for Hawkers Bar & Brasserie in Kingston, and invite Vanessa to come, there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity. Kingston is about a 20 minute drive from both mine and Vanessa’s houses so it’s easy for us to get to and just as easy for us to get home if we had one to many, we can just as easily get home.

The launch was on the Thursday literally right in the middle of Storm Doris, and it was a perfect corner to get out of the cold in the welcoming warmth at Hawkers.

We were greeted with some live music and gin-based cocktails, before the the DJ took over and canapés started coming out of the kitchen. Us being us, and a little bit nosey, we wandered round the venue before realising that it actually was connected the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel. It was a completely different vibe, quiet and serene, so after a few glasses of prosecco, we grabbed a bottle and headed to a sofa on the side to have a long chat away from the hustle and bustle.

Hawkers Bar and Brasserie 2

Hawkers Bar and Brasserie DJ

After a while the Hawkers Bar & Brasserie staff started coming round to ensure a glasses we never empty and check if there was anything that we needed. I won’t lie to you we had quite a bit to drink, and Vanessa and I were definitely the last to leave, but the staff were so friendly and asked if we wanted a cab (and some water). We’ll definitely be back, and have already said that it’s such a nice space to just hang out with our MacBooks and a couple of cocktails… definitely no prosecco!

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