As I’ve gotten older my mum has become someone I rely on to keep me sane, and she’s someone my friends also love and want advice from – yes, I have one of those mums. Flowers can brighten up anyone’s day and suit any occasion, my mum loves flowers and plants so why would I wait until Mother’s Day to show her how much I care?!

Don’t get me wrong I love having that specific day in the calendar to stop and be able to do something nice for the people that we care about. After all, life has a habit of popping up and getting in the way. Although I buy my mum flowers often, for a stunning Mother’s Day bouquet I know on the top of my list for luxury bouquets for any occasion, Prestige Flowers do not disappoint.

Prestige Flowers - Mother's Day Emerald bouquet

I kept quiet about any potential delivery, and no one expects anything to arrive on a Sunday, so when the courier knocked on the door with the Emerald bouquet* my mum was completely speechless. The bouquet of sweet avalanche roses, memory roses, veronica blue and green chrysanthemum blossoms, although delicate, add the pops of colour needed to enhance our neutral-toned house and have a gentle fragrance.


To be honest, it was absolutely beautiful, presented in luxury black wrapping and black bag, with plant food and care details for different types of flowers, which we have pinned to the notice board. Although we were in for the delivery the stems are wrapped in something wet so the flowers stay fresh in transit and would have been had we been out.

Hands down, this is one of the best bouquets I think I’ve ever been able to get for my mum and I’ll definitely be using Prestige Flowers when it comes to occasions in the future (especially Mother’s Day!).

Life is short which is exactly why this has gone up before Mother’s Day. Personally I don’t wait for a specific day to show my mum I love here and this is exactly why this has gone up before Mother’s Day because in my eyes it’s about the little gestures to show affection and appreciation.


c/o Prestige Flowers

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