Welcome to CamdenIt feels like a lifetime since I was going to Camden every other weekend to bask in all its cultural strangeness. During secondary school, there wasn’t a time you wouldn’t find me in black skinny jeans and a hoodie that came straight from the market. Those were the days; full of trivial, mundane problems that never amounted to more than homework.

On a serious note it really has been a while since I’ve had the chance to just go for a stroll around the market and lock. So when I had the day off that’s exactly what I did.

So what is it about Camden?

In my eyes, and mind, it will always be a colourful place is s colourful and creative and creative as it is full of ‘strange’ people just doing their thing.

If you have the chance to go on the weekend be prepared, because the amount of people that walk around is insane; after all, who doesn’t enjoy a weekend trip to a market, and there are quite a few. Even when I was going frequently, there was always a new discovery around a corner.

Camden Market 1Camden High Street NW1

Anyone who knows me knows Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite Disney films – and I seriously love Johnny Depp – so I was definitely trying to capture shots of this near perfect impression of Tim Burton’s Mad Hatter.

I’ve always been happy to walk around, drinking in the colourful oddities, and this time was no different. It literally took about 2 hours before I ended up with a camera roll full of street art that was equally as colourful as this patch of NW1.

Camden is one of my favourite areas and, although it has changed a bit, I felt like I was back to being a teen walking around the market. I definitely need to make sure I get back and spend more time exploring.

Mad HatterCamden Street Art 1Camden Street Art 3Camden Street Art 4

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