It’s a Tuesday evening, I’m sitting on the sofa reading one of my favourite little discoveries – Sister Magazine – with one hand and eating a cornetto in one hand and typing with the other. Today I’ve been told today that I’m being made redundant.

That was two weeks ago.

At first, I was upset, then the whole thing eventually sank in and I became annoyed and angry, not about the being made redundant but how the whole thing was handled. I know for a fact that I’ve been becoming complacent when it comes to my job hunting, to the point where I had pretty much put it off altogether, or just got on with the role that I had whilst hoping something will fall into my lap.Now I’m feeling sort of relieved about the whole thing.

I’m officially at the end of my role and I’m leaving it without having anything to go into, not out of choice, but it’s still happening that way regardless. Anyone who has asked me how I feel about it gives me that look to say “I’m so sorry” and follows it up with “you’ll find something soon”, and all I can do is nod back at them.

You know what, it’s pretty shit, and although I’m feeling ridiculously deflated about the whole thing I’ve got my big girl brave face on at the moment trying to stay strong and put a positive spin on the situation I’ve been thrown in.

  • I’ve got a another chance to find a role that I know I’ll love

Which means *crosses fingers* a journalism role. Typically, I’ve been reading that an internship or some sort of work experience would be a great starting place and I have the chance to find something like this while I’m *cough* unemployed *cough*.

  • I don’t have any major commitments in terms of outgoing expenditure

Unlike most people who get made redundant, I still live at home and outside of my phone bill, and paying towards the mortgage every month I don’t have any major bills to pay every month. So even though I do want to get another job if I don’t get one straight away it won’t be the end of the world

  • I’ve got plenty of time

I truly believe that you’re never too old to get on the right path, whatever that may be, and I’m definitely nowhere near having the feeling that “I’ve missed my chance”. I may be an adult, but I’m still young. I mean it would be nice to have be entirely certain abut life and have everything sorted out, but there’s actually still plenty of time to do all that anyway.

Now that the initial shock, anger and everything else has set in, I’m actually starting to think this might be the little break that I needed because I can search for jobs I’d love whilst also focusing on my blog – something that I’ve been unintentionally neglecting… all the while googling “how to deal with redundancy”.

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