Father’s Day is one of the only days in the year that gives me an impending sense of doom. Okay, so maybe that’s a slight exaggeration but the idea of hunting down a gift, or doing something for my dad to celebrate / recognise the day is daunting. I mean really, what can you do for a man who doesn’t want you to spend money, just save every penny you have?

This year, I’ve got a mix of things I know he likes, needs and wants, and have had to keep moving them around because he’s always searching cupboards for some new addition to the house.

Father's Day gifts 2017


Sol. I’m like the keeper of the alcohol in my house and regularly have a supply of drink available for both my parents. Whilst my mum is easy to please, and happily drinks my brandy or cider when she thinks I’m not looking, I always like to make sure my dad has a beer ready for the weekend.


A Skeleton Watch. Or to you and me, a watch where you can see the mechanism and movement. I’m not entirely sure when it started but my dad has started collecting watches, but one that I know he’s always wanted was one where he could see the mechanism, after hunting high and low I finally found a Swatch watch that is perfect.


Hugo Boss The Scent. You know when you smell something and instantly think of a person? It was one of those moments from the get go, and ever since I brought it home for my dad, he’s been wearing it. He’s recently run out so of course it had to be bought back.

Added extras

Cuff links. This is one that can technically be classes as an essential because my dad’s started buying double cuffed shirts that he actually needs these for, but to top it off I love my dad.

Toiletries from The Soap Kitchen*. This is a new discovery for me I love their products, not only do they smell amazing but they are also so gentle on the skin, and paraben-free!

I love my dad cuff links

Even There’s only me and my older brother, but I feel like I’m currently holding this ‘child’ thing down for the both of us. Although I get him things I know he’ll like or want throughout the year which he always tells me to return (and I never do), this is the one day he has no choice but to accept my gifts!


What do you do for you dad on Father’s Day?


*c/o The Soap Kitchen

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