Magnums are by far one of my guilty pleasures; even my grandma keeps a steady supply of white ones in her freezer for when I go down – shoutout to my grandma yo!

Every year, as Georgina knows, I’ve been saying I’ll get there and this year I’ve finally kept my word and made it to the Magnum Pleasure Store! Since we were made redundant, I’ve inevitably seen less of Georgina, so it made sense to meet her on a day that she was coming into London, and I wanted to go to check out the pop-up.

Magnum x Moschino

The cost

I’ve done a whole 360 in terms of how much money I spend, and what I’m prepared to spend it on, but I had mentally prepared myself for the £5.50 that I was going to be parting with. Whilst £5.50 may not actually seem like a lot, when you don’t actually have a job that you’re getting a monthly wage from, it’s these little expenses that you start paying attention to.

So what does £5.50 get you? As the poor lady at the door had to explain to every single person: your choice of which chocolate to dip your magnum into – white, milk or dark; three toppings out of a vast selection; and then your choice or chocolate drizzle – again, white, milk or dark.


 Magnum Pleasure Store London toppings.



Magnum Pleasure Store dip[/right]

Designing your own magnum

I am a creature of habit and so I always tend to stick with the flavours that I know, especially when it comes to dessert, because seriously nothing could make me more upset than something ruining my dessert. For this reason I opted to create what I envisioned to be a chocoholic’s dream.

  • White chocolate dipped magnum
  • Dark chocolate flakes
  • Milk chocolate honeycomb
  • Lemon meringue pieces – to break of the chocolate just a touch and add a different texture
  • Milk chocolate drizzle
  • With a pink chocolate M for a touch of colour

MagnumxMoschino Please Store London
There was no signs or mention of being able to ‘double dip’ your magnum though, which is something that I’ve repeatedly read is something that you have the chance to do.

After taking a what felt like hundreds of the same photo in one of the Instagram booths, because Magnum knew that you needed the perfect background for a photo, I finally tucked in…

Totally worth it. Make sure you have an extra tissue, because there isn’t many seats and it’s not the easiest of things to eat!

The Magnum Pleasure Store is at 21-23 Earlham Street, Seven Dials, London, WC2H 9LL from 29th June until 10th September 2017. 

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