Getting older, growing up, adulting… however you prefer to say it it’s all the same. As scary as it can be, especially when you don’t really have a plan, It’s not a bad thing – I like to think that people can be like wine and get better with age; but that only works if you’re learning lessons along the way.

I know that technically I’m an adult being 24, but I’m young and in all honesty I’m allowed to not have my ish together just yet. I know I’ve still got miles to go and a ridiculous amount to learn – I’ve definitely shared a fair amount of issues here and there – but there are a few things that I’ve learned and have stuck along the way.

Six Things I've Learned Getting Older


I’ve been guilty of beating myself up when it comes to certain things that I’ve done, or has happened to me because I didn’t notice something sooner, but dwelling on them never changes anything. In fact, with me I’ve started to realise that these lingering thoughts tend to be the start of a viscous cycle that is hard to stop and it usually comes in the form of replaying the situation repeatedly in my head working out where it is that I went wrong.

At the end of the day you can’t go back in time and change anything, and even if you could would it make the outcome better or worse?



Saving is something that has been instilled in me from a young age, I always saved my pennies and a third of any birthday or Christmas money that I got. I admit I have slipped a few times but I am always grateful that I know I have savings if the worst comes.

I keep seeing articles about how to become a millionaire, and they all make it seem so easy but starting to save is hard when you’re used to spending all the time. Of course there’s the whole idea of “you can’t take it with you when you leave this world” but you sure as hell can live comfortably whilst you’re here, and that I intend to do!

I’ve been taken the time and care to sort out a rainy day fund whilst saving for a car, and whilst I’m happy I’ve been managing my money better, I’m also quite relieved knowing I have money set aside in addition to my actual savings.



I’ve met some amazing people while I’ve been blogging over the last two years and most of them are happy to travel when the mood takes them, whether that’s solo or with others. I have so much respect for them because they are literally chasing their dreams to other distant places and far out countries and this is something that I really want to do.

Making the first step is the hardest and for me I think I’m going to have to start small with some staycations and day trips before daring a big adventure on my own.



I say calculated because it’s pretty evident that they don’t all pay off. If there’s something you want to do then go for it. At the end of the day if you want it, you have to work for it; if it’s meant to be it will; and if you don’t succeed try again or try something different. You’re your biggest critic.



As hard as it is, it really does help you develop as a person. I confess my fear of failure is one of the reasons I put things off as much as I do, but I know that I wouldn’t be the type of person that I am without failing a few times. I hate the idea of failing but it has helped me to be realistic about certain things, and whether doing this is premature or if I’ve put in enough effort.

I’ve also realised that sometimes it’s just not meant to be and that’s okay too, because you can’t force everything.



I know I wasn’t the only one who had the “I can’t wait to be X so I don’t have to do xyz” but I had never thought through, that age came with other things that I did have to do, most of them exams, but I never saw the bigger picture. As good as it is to escape the trivialities that were childhood, they really were just trivial in comparison to my more adult problems… Oh and there are no half terms.

I literally cannot believe how fast the years are going by these days it’s almost as if I haven’t had a chance to blink and appreciate it.

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