Okay so maybe it’s not a mid-year review exactly seeing as we’re now in August, but the summer months always seem to blur into one single moment for me. It’s not until after my birthday, near the end of July, do I actually sit and reflect on how my year has gone so far. So here I am at the beginning of August thinking about what it is that I want to achieve before the year is out, and to be honest I’m not 100% sure. I thought that I’d have a clear head now that I’m not constantly stressed, or waking up and going to sleep, all but terrified of having to go back to work the next day; instead I’ve realised is that I want to work for myself. But I mean who actually doesn’t?

It’s kind of terrifying, not having the stability of knowing you have a fixed monthly income to support you, but it’s also kind of exciting knowing that, at least for now, I am free. I have the freedom to redefine who I am and what my goals are and luckily for me enough money to cover any existing bills that I have.

So how’s my year gone so far?

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As always, January marked the beginning of a new year. I never said 2017 was going to be my year, in fact this year I just wanted to be happy – primarily showing this here blog a lot more attention than I’m used to.


In February I got some new business cards, a little bit of a rebrand and took a moment to focus on family, friends and myself.


March is where things started to get a little hazy, as it was the month I was warned I might eventually be may redundant, but probably wouldn’t, yet still would. Does that even make sense?


Then by April was a complete mess following the previous month; I barely slept, I couldn’t think straight, literally everything suffered. There was no consoling me, no keeping me calm just nothing.


Welp, let’s just say May marked the beginning of the end, which isn’t all that bad now. It was the end of my job granted, but it was also the end of feeling absolutely rubbish, feeling like I was stuck and trapped, and the end of having a “valid” excuse to put things off.


When June came round something in my head clicked and I wanted to change a lot about my life. I wanted to stop being a procrastinator, stop having such a cluttered life and pave a way to an absolutely boss 2018.


This month always flies by for me probably because of my birthday. I do this weird thing that I feel like by getting one year older I turn one year wiser and can start everything again. This is the first year that has been true, I’ve actually learned so much.


August is and forever will be my new beginning… I’m pretty excited to see what I can make of the rest of the year because I’m feeling so motivated.

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