My hair and I have an extremely weird relationship. I can remember quite vividly whilst growing up, not really liking any style that my hair would be in and desperate for it to be straightened. My mum did me a solid and finally let me have my own way for special occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas and weddings, and eventually when I started uni at 18 she finally let me relax (chemically straighten) it.

Newlook Stripe Bardot outfit

Top – Newlook

Jeans – Matalan

Shoes – Vans (Old Skool)


For anyone who doesn’t know about relaxing hair, think about it like permanent hair dye. For example, say you dye your hair purple, when you wash it it’s still purple and you get roots of your natural hair colour. In the same way, I relaxed my hair, when I wash it, it’s still straight, and my roots grow I’m my natural tight curls.


I was so happy! I could finally sort out my hair ridiculously quick and not have to spend hours fighting with it in the mirror to try and get it into a style I wanted.

Back then I never thought about the repercussions of what it would actually do to me hair. Okay, so obviously chemicals are not exactly great for your hair, but for that reason it is advised that you leave it a minimum of six weeks before get it touched up – just enough time to see some roots coming back – but it was the lesser of two evils if I was to use straighteners every time I washed it. But if looked after, like seriously looked after with treatments and A LOT of tlc for maintenance, your hair could be fine. Emphasis on the “could be”.

Fast forward just under six years;

  1. I can no longer use some of my previously favourite shampoos, because my scalp is far more sensitive than it used to be. Which isn’t so bad because I’m in love with Charlotte Mensah’s Manketti Oil Shampoo and have been using it for just over a year and it’s doing me, and my hair, wonders.
  2. My hair has gone from being jet black to chocolate brown. This is something that I still find weird and where I have my hair up it’s even lighter because it’s more exposed to the sun.
  3. I’ve definitely lost body and volume. Well that just speaks for itself really. Since religiously using my Heat-Treat cap with a restorative oil / leave in conditioner it’s slowly been getting back to good health, but I can still see the dramatic difference.
  4. And I’m wondering, am I really going to continue do this for decades to come? I mean I’m only 24!

For these reasons, not to mention how much it has cost to maintain, I’ve decided to let my hair grow out and go back to it’s natural texture. It’s only been a few months and I can tell already it’s going to be a long, slowww process, but it’s going to be worth it in the long run. Wish me luck!

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