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I'm a self-confessed magpie - pretty much in love with all things shiny - but there are no words to describe my excitement when Pandora announced they were launching their Disney charms collection in the UK.

I know that the Disney charms were originally exclusive to the US, and some may say they're not as special anymore, but if you're not fortunate enough to be able to travel to the states, it does make them accessible. There are still charms that are currently exclusive and can only be purchased in the US, and some that can only be bought in the UK.

Personally if you love Disney and Pandora like I do, it doesn't matter where you buy the charm, or whether it's in USD or GBP if you want it you're going to get it.


I paid $65 + tax when I bought my Alice in Wonderland charm in NYC. It's amazingly detailed, something I'm lucky enough to see without needing it to be magnified, and perfectly depicts the Mad Hatter's tea party; with coloured enamel for Alice (blue), the Mad Hatter (green and yellow) and the March Hare (red). 

Now I'm not sure about conversion rates these days with value of the pound being so low, but I happily would pay that for a charm I really wanted. That being said I did pay £70 for two portrait charms of Minnie and Mickey. I also got a cute charm for my mum who is loves Disney as much as I do and as I spent over £99 I was able to get the limited edition pouch!

I'd suggest having a look at the Pandora site to get an idea of what you may be after, because it is too tempting to buy everything when you see the collection in person.

I know I'll be back to buy some more charms to put together a Minnie and Mickey bracelet but for now I'm seriously happy with the two I've bought.

Mickey and Minnie Disney Pandora charms


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