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Regardless of my income I totally live for the 5-Star luxury life, and boy does my bank statement reflect that, but you know what sometimes a girl needs to treat herself! 

Last month I checked into the Grange St Paul's Hotel for a spa day, a little treat for surviving without a job for so long, and most importantly for my mum's birthday. There is literally no way I'm in any sort of position to be shouting for a holiday but you can believe that there isn't much stopping me from jumping on a train and heading to a hotel for a night or two.

Grange, St Paul's Hotel 1


Tucked off the main road just 2 minutes away from St Paul’s Cathedral the modern glass hotel is almost divided into two halves, everything you could want and need in a hotel, from bars to multiple places to eat and a Starbucks (like what the actual!) and the rooms.

We checked in on the Sunday, as I assumed it would be quieter with everyone chilling out and having to get ready for the next day, and I got it spot on if I don't say so myself.

Although the nearest underground station is St Paul's we chose to catch the train to Waterloo and a short bus ride up, which were both pretty quiet for an area that would usually be heaving with tourists and commuters.

After checking in, spending locating everything in the hotel, and of course hooking up to the wifi, we headed out for a quick lunch at Pizza Express, before hitting the gym.

As a hotel guest, you get complimentary access to the stunning Ajala Spa, pool and private health and fitness club, so I’m sure you can imagine where we spent most of our time.

The spa was absolutely amazing, with fruits and water dotted everywhere so you could keep your energy levels up and stay hydrated, and as we went on a Sunday it was perfectly empty.

Fast forward about five hours and it was time to hit the bar for some nibbles and celebratory Hennessy.

The Grange has a total of seven bars, restaurants and lounges including the Novello Restaurant which is where my favourite meal of the day is hosted - breakfast!

Grange, St Paul's Hotel 3

As if you can really go to a hotel and not get a full cooked breakfast, and basically all you can eat before needing to take a nap, and I know my mum feels the same so I had pre-booked the continental buffet. 

Of course, room service would have 1) been easier and 2) been prettier for those all-important photos but I mean seriously… I. Want ALL. The. Food. And the only way that is going to happen is with a buffet. And as you can see I managed to take the photos yo! even though this was probably plate number three and fruit bowl two. I have no regrets.

Grange St Paul's breakfast
Grange St Paul's breakfast 2
Grange, St Paul's Hotel 2
Checking into Grange St Paul's

Both my mum and I had an amazing time and both of us could have easily spent weeks in that hotel without needing to leave. And of course a massive shout out to all the lovely staff who were more than helpful and pleasant throughout our stay.

Grange St. Paul's, London

10 Godliman Street, London, EC4V 5AJ

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