If you knew how long ago I had started this post you would just shake your head at me (if you want a clue, just check the date on ticket).

The Lion King Musical


The Lion King is my all-time favourite Disney film. Even though I have the DVD, whenever it’s on TV you can believe I'll be watching, singing along, and of course crying when Mufasa dies because I mean how can you not?! But until August last year (seriously need to make sure I post about things straight away!) I had never seen it in the theatre.

Now in its 19th year of running, the show is absolutely amazing. I knew it would be from the snippets of footage shared around the ol' interweb but seeing it with my own eyes in like a-whole-nother experience in itself.

I've always heard, and read, such amazing reviews but every time I went to purchase a ticket I felt my heartbreak - I just couldn't part with the money - so, knowing how much I loved the film, for my 24th birthday my dad bought us some tickets.

The costumes were, and still are, unbelievable. The cast's performances and singing was amazing. Why I didn't just bite the bullet and go sooner? Sheer stupidity.


[pipdig_banner image=https://www.ldngirl.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/The-Lion-King-Lyceum-Theatre-LDN.jpg]

It's truly unforgettable but I wish they had adult only perfomances. 

Don't get me wrong I have no issues with children at the theatre, I mean if I had a mini me I'd definitely bring them to to productions like this too, but I was surrounded by parents having to explain everything. single. detail. If you’re taking a child to see something at the theatre, and it’s already a film, PLEASE make them watch it at home first. I can deal with shouting, and constantly wanting to stand up, I mean they're kids after all… just not the constant over-explaining.

Other than that, which is something you get used to about 10 minutes in, it's worth every single penny for the tickets. 


Show length: approximately 2.5 hours including the interval.



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  • I love this show so much! Haven’t seen it since 2009 though now so must book to see it again! Lovely to have found your blog today x

    • juanita says:

      Thanks Rachel 🙂 I definitely want to go back too, it was such an amazing experience! I can see why it’s been in the theatre for so long! x