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It’s official, I’m coming to the end of my period of unemployment; that’s right, your girl has only gone and got herself a job. And if I’m being honest, I’m feeling pretty damn excited, I know that my bank account will surely thank me for it, and finally have the healthy glow that it so desperately needs.

Now that I’m out the other end of redundancy, well almost seeing as I’ve still got about a week to go until my official start date, I’ll let you in on a few key things I’ve learned.

So where do I begin? I won’t lie, this stint of unemployment has not been a walk in the park. Where I previously would have loved having some time off when I was working, the honeymoon period wore off pretty quickly, as my last pay and any structure pretty much went out the window.

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I’ve been working hard to stay positive about the whole situation, after all I didn’t leave my last job by choice. But honestly, when you find yourself out of the job, through no fault of your own, it’s pretty shitty, especially if you never really had a backup plan to deal with it.

A lot of employers still judge you based on what you got for your degree, and so do some of the HR people. Even though I graduated nearly four years ago (wtf?!) I still get asked what I got and if I was happy with my final classification. grade. Let me address this right here – I got a 2:2 and no, I fucking was not. I was upset back then, so much so that I didn’t even want to go to my own graduation, now I’m finally in a decent headspace to say I’m proud I made it to the end of my degree in one piece, after many breakdowns.

In addition to applying for all the jobs that I thought I could or would love to do, any internships to help with gaining experience and tweaking my CV a gazillion times, it never felt like enough. In fact, if you’re looking for something in particular I’d highly recommend finding a recruitment agency to assist whilst your search. I’ve had one of the best, and most consistent, recruiters helping me find a variety of roles for almost this whole time, and the difference between my first and last interview is dramatic, in a good way that is.

On the flip side, there have been some aspects about being unemployed for this long that hasn’t been all that bad.

On the days where I’ve focused I’ve gained far more experience in areas that I never had the chance to in my last role, including helping to organise a blog awards from beginning to end!

I’ve learned to manage my money better, and I mean SO much better. I’ve somehow managed to keep my account above zero despite not actually having a steady income, still paying the few bills that I have and doing the food shop. I should add that I’m lucky enough to still live at home and have a great relationship with my parents, so they’ve been very understanding and supportive through my eight and a half months of being “in between job”, as my dad liked to put it. But where I haven’t been able to chip in towards the mortgage, like I used to, I’ve picked up doing all the cooking and food shopping. After I’m literally being able to live for free, knowing full well I should be able to support myself, so it’s the least I could do.

Fast forward eight and a half months, and here we are. I feel like I’m ready to re-enter the adult working world as a girl back on the career ladder, and just in time before I hit 25 I might add. I’ve had to work hard to get here and yet I still don’t think I was putting in 100% of my all. They say start as you mean to go on, 2018 has definitely started the right way for me, all I can do now is make sure I put in the effort that is needed to make this year amazing.

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  • Hope the new job is going well! While I was never technically unemployed (I managed to find some shop work right away), the worst thing about redundancy to me was the huge knock in confidence it caused. But, seven years into my current role, I think it made me a stronger person.

    It’s such a weird situation though. Thanks for sharing your story.

    Lis / last year’s girl x

    • juanita says:

      It really was a huge knock and set back! I’m super grateful and had a lovely recruiter working with me to find the perfect job and location though, the many interviews helped to build my interview confidence and self-assurance, so I totally agree with ya Lis. It’s totally weird and annoying, but I feel a bit stronger too x

  • Jess says:

    Congratulations on the new job! I know how hard a period of unemployment can be so YAY! Good luck for next week xx


    • juanita says:

      Thanks Jess! It’s definitely been a learning experience to say the least but I’m actually so pleased to be back doing a 9-5 where’s there so much to learn! X