Lockdown lessons: 18 things I learned in 2020

This year has been wild. I mean honestly, wild. Aside from experiencing the worst year on record, from a personal point of view, I would never have been able to predict the endless moments of absolute BS that have ensued in the year that was 2020. The three lowest points for me include: having to deal with my granny’s death, realising just how much my mental health spiralled – 100% work-related – and I was made redundant (again).

This year, I’ve needed my friends more than ever, because it was them who mostly kept me from drowning in despair; but I’ve also needed to find myself to keep me going and keep me grounded.

There have been SO many learning points, revelations and ‘f*ck it’ moments. Here are 18 lessons I learned in 2020 – a (mostly) lockdown year:

  1. Have the courage to keep going
  2. Say “no” more – people who take advantage the most need don’t seem to hear that word more often, but really need to
  3. It’s never as bad as you think
  4. Learn as much as possible
  5. Believe in your own sauce
  6. Reach out to people you know will bring you up when you’re at your lowest
  7. Take time for your mental health – self-care is HELLA important
  8. It’s never too late to pivot in life
  9. Have the courage to be bold and stand out
  10. Toxic people do not know they are toxic – leave those mofos ASAP
  11. Slow down – enjoy the little things and the in-between moments
  12. Follow your passions
  13. Burnout is real, and you don’t have to be on the go 24/7 to feel it
  14. Always try to have something to look forward to
  15. Be intentional and make active decisions
  16. Having a plan B and plan C is not accepting defeat, but being prepared
  17. Be appreciative for what you do have and don’t beat yourself up about what you don’t
  18. And one of the most important lessons I learned in 2020 was: my circle is small, but I love each one of the people in it to death and wouldn’t change it

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