The Money Series: Starting the convo

Welcome to The Money Series (TMS)!

LDNGRL Money Series

Over the years, I have found myself paying closer attention to my personal finances and anything that can help me manage them better. For this reason, and the fact that a number of friends and family have asked me for opinions on things, I’ve decided I want to dedicate a section of LDNGRL to the everyday topic of money.

It may not buy happiness, but it can sure make life that little bit easier. At the end of the day, we all need it, and we all want it. I mean, who doesn’t want to be financially comfortable?

Starting the conversation

Just by reading this, today, you become a part of the conversation; a conversation that should and needs to be an ongoing one. Hopefully, this series can help make a difference in how you approach your own personal finances.

When it comes to talking about money, I’m sure there are very few people who would object with me stating there is a stigma that tends to envelop conversations about money.

We are told and encouraged not to discuss how much we earn with others.
We don’t openly discuss savings, credit cards or loans without feeling embarrassed or like we’re bragging.
And it’s only recently that we’re really looking at what we need and what we want, although many of us are still willing to compromise our value for an opportunity.

My experience with money 

For the past five or so years, there have been waves of periods where I basically live out of my overdraft, with my salary struggling to even bring me back to black. After a while, I sacrifice all spending and manage it coming out of my overdraft and resume saving. 

This year I set aside 2k extra on top of my regular savings doing money challenges and made £1,340 selling items on eBay, Gumtree, and car boot sales.

But, as I said, I’m a real person and have also had a splurge on my credit cards, substituting going out with shopping in lockdown (which I now have to clear off likely with the help of another money challenge in 2021).

So, what is The Money Series?

Long story short, TMS is a journey to comfortable finances. It’s primarily my journey, and I will never even be close to claiming I’m an expert in it (leave that to man like Martin Lewis) but I am a real person, and so like to think (or at least hope) I can be pretty relatable.

TMS is all the tips, tricks and insight that I use for money and personal finances; it is all the stress, emotions and real-life drama that comes with it. Everyone goes with money issues, and I really hope TMS helps you with yours!

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