Hey, I’m Juanita a 26-year-old Londoner – based, born and raised. I probably have a London accent, whatever that sounds like.

By day, I’m a Digital PR girl working hard and laughing harder (or at least that’s how we like to do things) and feeding my creative nature by night in between something on Netflix and a vn or two.

In my downtime, you can usually find me reading a book and scrolling endlessly through memes in between painting my nails and watching some weird cartoon.

LDNGIRL has changed so much since my initial idea during my time at university. Since then it’s been loved, rebranded and neglected (many times) and I’m hopeful that, for the millionth time, this one is THE one. This time this blog will be what I always hoped for: a reflection of me and a place to document parts of my life. My reality.

I’ve decided to split LDNGIRL into four main categories, to help with navigating and categorising Life, Style, Thoughts and Travel, so feel free to have a look through whichever takes your fancy!

You can usually find me on Twitter or Instagram too