22nd December 2016

What if I never get rich? What if I’m late? What if it doesn’t play out the way I want it to? Doubt is a feeling of uncertainty that can cause people to question what they may be about to do. It’s the moment of sheer panic where you realise that maybe things won’t go […]

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13th December 2016

December is a busy month for me this year; consisting of a hen party, birthday dinner, birthday dinner/after party, car boot sale, wedding and finally Christmas. I mean who needs free time anyway? Saturday the 3rd was my God-sister’s hen party and after waking up early, packing a suitcase and sitting on the District Line […]

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24 hours in Manhattan NYC

31st October 2016

Minus the long haul flight, it’s always such an amazing experience to visit the Big Apple and there are a few things I would recommend doing if you’re only there for a short amount of time. See the sights! New York is full of so many amazing places that are oozing with history and culture. […]

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The NYC diaries [part one]

5th August 2016

It’s been well over a month since I’ve been back from my trip to New York and the holiday blues have well and truly settled in. So to perk myself up a bit I’ve decided to share my trip with everyone. It was my first holiday that involved getting on a plane in well over […]

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I’ve been adulting for a year!

15th July 2016

My name’s Juanita and this year I’ve been adulting. I realised something the other day, I’ve officially been working in my first ‘real’ job for a year now and I feel like I’ve genuinely done a lot of growing up. I mean yes I love Minions now more than ever, I dressed up like an […]

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Introducing the Barbie Fashionistas

22nd February 2016

It’s rare that I post twice in one day… And I mean so rare that I’ve never actually done it until today, but, while everyone’s talking about LFW it’s only right that one of the most iconic figures gets an honourable mention, is it not? Barbie was, is, and will probably always be, a fashion […]

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